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Children's Ministry

Painted Heart

"God has chosen us to help one another."
- Smith Wigglesworth

Children's Ministry

We love kids! We desire to foster a learning environment in which kids can be engaged and learn more about Christ each week!

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Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry desires to help enrich the spiritual lives of every woman of every age. Our goal is to experience and share the transforming love, power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe each woman is a special treasure with a divine calling and a special purpose.

Our ladies enjoy special quarterly gatherings where friends can be invited and feel welcomed and at home. We implement monthly church potlucks, clothing distribution to homeless children, women’s Bible Studies. Warm friendships are developed during these events along with shared prayer needs.

Young man planting the tree while Watering a tree working in the garden as save world concept, natur

Men's Ministry

Our Men’s Ministry desires to unite the men of our church towards one goal: making each man a reflection of the character and person of Jesus Christ through the study of His word and the building of relationships that will provide personal accountability as well as opportunities for service in the home, the church, and the community.

Once a month our men enjoy a great breakfast together (freshly cooked in our kitchen). Sometimes a work party is organized after the men’s breakfast and  a project is undertaken, either at the church or at someone’s home who needs help. Our men reach out to the widows and single women in our church, sometimes repairing cars, sometimes  doing heavy yard work and home repair. These gatherings lead to great fellowship and shared prayer.

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